Soft cotton fabric fidget toy girly design Polar Moon

Fidget Toy for Dementia, Autism and Stress, Girly

Roly Moly is a soft hand held sensory toy which could help those with ADHD, Autism and ASD as well as  Dementia and Alzheimers and stress related conditions. As it is a soft and silent fidget toy it is ideal as a special needs toy in the classroom or nursing home/hospital and is perfect for those who like to stim.
 Roly Moly can be thrown without harm or injury and is silent, making it ideal to use where noise can be an issue and is a perfect comforter at bedtime. 
 Based on an old playground paper game that we all knew and loved, each Roly Moly is made from four co-ordinating fabrics which reveal themselves as it is rolled. Roly Moly can be squashed, pulled, twisted and scrunched, but most of all the Roly Moly rolls!
Roly has been CE marked meaning it is safe for all ages.

Made from 100% cotton fully machine washable at 40%.
Each one is approx 18cm (7 inches) in circumference making it a comfortable size to sit in the hand.
Available in other colours and patterns. Pictures show all four sides of the Girly Roly Moly.