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©2019 by Polar Moon.

Fidget Toy, Roly Moly Marine


The Roly Moly is a soft hand held fidget toy which could help with the restless hands/fidgety fingers that are so often found in those with alzheimers/dementia. Being based on an old playground paper game that we all knew and loved, Roly Moly gently rolls over and over, creating a mesmorising and captivating effect, whilst gently exercising the fingers and hands. Each roll reveals a different fabric.

To view the Roly in action, please copy and paste the video link               https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmF71uaFJd8

This fidget toy is made in a collection of blue and green nautical based fabrics, carefully chosen to help appeal whilst still preserving the dignity of our menfolk.


Each one is approx 18cm (7 inches) in circumference making it a comfortable size to sit in the hand.


I like to make all my dementia aids with a little more of an adult look to them, whilst still retaining the bright colours they so love and are drawn to. I do this as I am passionate that we help to preserve the dignity that all our loved ones deserve.


  • Care Instructions

    Being created from 100% cotton and hollowfibre stuffing means the Roly Moly is machine washable at 30deg and suitable for the tumble dryer if so wished.