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Why Only Covers?

Some people have asked me " why do you only sell the cushion cover?" Well, the answer is easy!

Firstly,by selling a cover only as opposed to a whole cushion, I can offer a free postage and packaging service to all my customers, more importantly though, it gives you, the customer, freedom of choice as to which filling you would like.

As you walk around the shops you will see two main types of cushion pads, the hollow fibre and the feather filled. I personally don't like feathers as, although they are lovely, I am allergic to the feathers, as are many people! This was something I had to bear in mind when I made my decision about my cushions. I also find that sometimes the feathers start to stick through the fabric and can be a bit sharp!

Hollow fibre is hypo-allergenic so suitable for all, but even that comes in many different grades! You can have bounce back which is deliciously squashy and bounces back into shape. You can buy the cheaper ones from stores which again I am not fond of as the fibre can bulk into one corner and it is really hard on the hands to manipulate it evenly around again!

So you see, as there are so many different types of cushion pads out there, it is best to leave to your own personal preference!

A small tip, I make sure all the corners of my cushion covers are filled when I photograph them to make them plump and show them at their best. If you want that look as well, it is really cheap and simple to achieve. All I do is pop in my cushion pad ( I use bounce back hollow fibre) and stuff the corners out with small strips of wadding, which is easily bought at any haberdashery store. I also make sure that all my covers are approx. one inch smaller than the intended cushion pad.

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