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We Moved!!

Hello everyone, I am so sorry that we have been a little quiet lately, but Polar Moon has been moving house!

After living in London and Kent all my life, I decided to take the plunge and go somewhere new, and after much deliberation, that somewhere is 200+ miles away in Shropshire!!

Squeaks, the Polar Moon resident cat has come along as well!

While I unpacked and made our new home, Squeaks has been very busy going on long walks, exploring his new surroundings!

He now has a life filled with food, adventures, fuss and sleep, so I think he is quite happy here!

I look forward sharing with you my increased range of Dementia products (so close to my heart) as well as my household textiles and cushions, of which there will be something for everyone!

Thank you for being patient with us while this move took place, and as my Dad would have said

"Onwards and Upwards!!"

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