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We Got It All !!

When I went looking to see what was available in stoma bag covers I was shocked. Where were the pretty bags that matched your underwear, the exquisite bags you would want to wear under your wedding dress? Where were the colourful bags that kids like, and don't even get me started on covers for the men!

As a person who does not have nor need a stoma bag, I can go into any shop and buy underwear from a huge range, be it to make me feel good, for a special event or just for everyday, it's all out there! But what if you have a stoma bag, don't you want to feel pretty, sexy and just plain gorgeous, of course you do! Polar Moon firmly believes that just because you have a stoma bag it doesn't mean you can not have a wide choice of stoma bag covers to match your underwear, mood etc.

Oh no, in fact Polar Moon believes you deserve an even bigger choice! I pride myself on trying to bring something to the table for any eventuality or occasion. I have created the most exquisite covers for the bride using embroidery and Swarovski crystal, bright and colourful ones for our young ostomates as well as neon glow-in-the-dark covers for the beach party ! Men have not been forgotten either with a large range of designs to choose from. My range includes high end printed fabrics and my signature embroidered patterns. They can be funny, inspiring, vintage, even feature your stoma name if you want!

They are all made from 100% cotton for your comfort keeping you cool and dry next to your skin. They are all machine washable as well and always look new and fresh. I even run a free service for those with unusual size bags because everyone is worth it.


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