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Stoma bag cover embroidered with single colour butterfly. One wing is a normal butterfly wing, the other is floral.

Stoma Bag Cover with Beautiful Butterfly and Floral Embroidery


Introducing our stunning stoma bag cover, beautifully embroidered with a delicate butterfly design. This one-of-a-kind cover features a unique fusion of half butterfly and half floral patterns, creating a truly elegant and eye-catching accessory with the butterfly motif symbolizing transformation and beauty. The intricate details and vibrant colour of the embroidery make this cover a standout piece.  Protect and conceal your bag in style with this beautifully crafted stoma bag cover, featuring a mesmerizing combination of butterfly and floral art.


- 100% cotton fabric gives a protective barrier between skin and bag, helping to relieve itchiness and discomfort.


-Closed bottom design with envelope opening on the back to aid bag emptying and provide support as the bag fills and becomes heavier.


-Machine washable at 30deg, tumble dry and iron on reverse. To help keep colours fresh it is strongly recommended to add a colour catcher to your wash.


-Each bag is approx 15cm wide by 23cm long.


Suitable for most brands of Stoma bags. If you are unsure as to whether this would fit your bag then send me an unused bag and I will make your order from it to ensure a perfect fit.


Not advised to use overnight.

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