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Where did the stoma bag covers come from?

When I was a kid, my Dad was full of silly sayings like "Dad, why did the men go to the Moon?" and he would say " Because it's there!"

Or " why did they climb the mountain?" and he'd answer "Because they can!" But there was one thing he did say that resonated so deeply that I have never forgot it, and that was " Whatever you lose, never lose your dignity".

Those words came back to haunt me many years later when my Dad got Vascular Dementia and had to go to a care home. Seeing him laying in his bed playing with a baby toy made me realise Dad had indeed lost his dignity. I didn't know how I could help him but then I had an idea. I would make age appropriate fidget toys to help him and others like him and so Polar Moon was born.

I made fidget toys and memory blankets and thought that Polar Moon had found it's path, how wrong was I!!

A year ago, a friend had a Urostomy. As some of you know a Urostomy is a medical procedure where the bladder is removed and the bodies waste is collected externally into a bag, a stoma bag. People can have many different kinds of stomas and many different kinds of bags.

For my friend, she was grateful to have the operation it had given her her life back but it came at a price. She lost all her confidence in herself as she felt no-one would love her when they saw the bag she now had. So she asked me if I could make the bag a little cover with a cat on it, and so I did.

Things have grown since then and now I have over 30 different designs, for men women and children! I specialise in making bags for all occasions be it the beach, a party, something nice, even a bride!

And lately I have started making really beautiful satin and lace lingerie ones!

I passionately believe you should be able to buy stoma bag covers as easily as any underwear and because of Polar Moon, my Dad and my friend you need never lose your dignity or self confidence again and you can always be " your kind of beautiful".


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