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Your Stoma, Your Cover

When people talk about stoma bags, most of them think there are only a few, well how wrong they are because there's hundreds of them!

There are bags for urostomys, bags for ileostomys and bags for colostomys.

Some bags come with oval openings and others have round ones and then there are the various different ways of emptying your bag and all this has to be taken into account when you are making a stoma bag cover!

Here at Polar Moon we pride ourselves on making each person feel as though they are our only and most important customer, which indeed they are!

Here you can choose a generic size bag of 6 inches wide and 9 inches tall and you can choose between an oval or a round opening, and for most this will cover most bag sizes.

But what if you have one of those hundreds of bags that may not fit the generic size?

Well fear not, Polar Moon has that covered too.

You can send us an unused bag and from that we can work our wizardry and make you your very own bespoke pattern to fit your stoma bag!

When we have finished we carefully pack your bag up and return it to you.

Your bag pattern will then always remain on file so that whenever you want to order a new cover we can pull out your bespoke pattern from the pattern file.

Polar Moon feels so passionately that everyone should have a bag cover to fit around their own stoma that they don't even charge for this service!

So whether you want an adult or a childs bag, or a bag for a special occasion such as a ball, prom or even the Bride herself, Polar Moon can create it for you. Because after all Ladies, who wears mis-matched underwear, when you can have exquisite covers to match your lingerie on your big day out xxx


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